Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beauty and The Beast [Shifty Shellshock-Seth Binzer and Serena Viharo]

The internet is a funny thing. My friend was able to capture these images of Shifty Shellshock and Serena Viharo taken this month. My burning question is how this tattooed guy is able to get some of Hollywoods most gorgeous woman. Angie Everhart, Paris Hilton, Rachel Cook and now is linked to Hollywood Royalty daughter of famed actor Robert Viharo and model, famous actress and Elvis longtime girlfriend Anne Helm. Serena Viharo has been linked to VAl Kilmer, Johnny Whitworth, Justin Whalin, Brandon Beemer and JAred Leto. My source at Graceland tells me Elvis wanted to Marry Anne. She eneded up marrying Robert Viharo and had two children. This beauty is Serena Viharo. My research shows me she is  is the face of Pepsi. She has been in several TV shows and movies. Shifty Shellshock although he has written several hits has hooked in several of Hollywoods hottest. My friend was able to snap these intimate shots. Looks like ANne and Serena have both been bitten by the rocker bug.
She was also linked to the guitarist from a very well known band "Naked" Jeremy Ireland before falling for Shifty.

[Side note these pictures look like they are taken in her or Shifty's place? Look in the back round appears to be pictures of the young Viharo]

Her mom was linked to the King for several years, Serena has become very popular with The Elvis fans and attends Graceland Frequently.
Shifty is no Elvis in my opinion , but times have changed.
Here is Anne with the kIng
Serena with her King